Financial Planning, Wealth and Investment Management through all stages of life.

Welcome to Atlas Capital Management, a full-service wealth management and financial planning firm located in Flemington, NJ. As your trusted advocate, we are committed to providing individuals and business owners with opportunities and strategies to help meet life’s ever changing and complex financial needs while pursuing your goals and enjoying life. As a partner in this process, our goal is to clearly explain life’s financial complexities in a way that fosters understanding and reduces anxiety.

- Early in your career as a young professional, you want to ensure that you are on track with your retirement savings and large purchases - these decisions come with many questions and are essential to establishing a strong financial footing.

- At the midway point, your goals evolve to include college planning, tuition, continuing to build retirement savings, upgrades to your home. With all these questions, you ask, “am I on a good track to succeed at all these goals?” or “Will I get to financial independence?”

- The next phase of work optional begins to wrap up your working years. This presents its own unique challenges including lifestyle shifts, healthcare costs, and legacy planning. Your main questions during this phase has shifted to “Do I have enough to retire and not run out of money?”


Good financial decisions today help you reach your life goals tomorrow.



Atlas Capital Management has been helping clients meet needs and goals since our inception in 1998. We know how to help you understand complex financial strategies so that you can make the best decision for you and your family. One of the benefits of working with us is our ability to provide clear, easily understood explanations of financial products and services. The personalized program that we can provide is a roadmap to working toward a more secure financial future.


As an independent financial professional and a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, Mike has helped his clients accumulate and preserve their wealth throughout his entire career. Having experiences in securities trading, investment banking and owning several small businesses. This diverse experience and knowledge is one of the many reason's clients choose Atlas Capital Management.


I am dedicated to growing and preserving the wealth you’ve worked so hard to accumulate, while meeting the obligations required of me to serve your best interests first. Together, we’ll work through life’s events and develop progressive financial strategies for what lies ahead. We are dedicated to developing lasting relationships with all our clients. We believe in helping you assess your financial goals and participate in the management of your finances.