Client Bill of Rights

We promise to create a relationship that is based on open dialog, sincerity and respect for personal privacy. As partners in this process, our goal is to clearly explain life’s financial complexities in a way that fosters understanding and reduces anxiety. We strive to uphold the following service standards that we feel our clients deserve and should expect from their advisor:

  • An investment portfolio free of biases, limited choices and hidden costs.
  • A financial professional who will make your concerns and goals a priority, and invest according to your plans.
  • A financial professional who stays updated on the best practices in the growing complexity of financial issues.
  • To have your assets managed and monitored.
  • A financial professional who will treat you as a human being, not as a sales quota.
  • A courteous and attentive financial professional who will work with you, not around you.
  • The financial confidence that comes from knowing your money is working toward your dreams and aspirations.
  • To be updated regularly about your portfolio’s performance.
  • Prompt and courteous answers to your questions, responses to your requests, and detailed explanations on anything you have concerns about.