Young Professionals

As a young professional, you are excited about your first job, moving out on your own, or buying your very first car. Those are all wonderful things, but it is also a great time for you to be thinking about your long term and retirement savings and how to establish good savings habits. Starting early, puts you in the very best position to achieve your goals. We know you have a lot of questions:


  • How much should I save for retirement and which account is best for me?
    • 401(k), Roth IRA (if eligible)
  • What investments are best for my unique needs?
  • What about a non-retirement account?
  • How can I pay off my college loans?
  • What about my credit card debit?
  • What happens when I am no longer covered on my parent’s medical insurance?


These questions and so many more are why Atlas Capital Management can help. Call, email or text us to make an appointment. We can help you one step at a time.